Adeona, the Roman goddess of journeys and the protectress of travelers, is the inspiration for this distinctive company offering idyllic, quick travel treasures.  The name Adeona Odysseys symbolizes the elegance, sophistication and class you will experience with us while on one of our well-deserved respites from your stressful and hectic life.  Adeona Odysseys is the sister company of Adaro Adventures, a bold tour operation specializing in longer epic adventures to the far flung edges of the earth for the daring.

Committed to responsible tourism which protects the environment, wildlife, and cultural and social heritages, and positively impacts the planet, Adeona Odysseys is a sustainer of the World Ethics Code for Tourism.  Adeona Odysseys is an accredited member of the Airline Reporting Commission (ARC), the premier international standard which verifies a tour company’s  legitimacy and professionalism in the travel industry.  Adeona Odysseys travel curators are certified South American Specialists by the LATAM Airlines Group, and certified brand professionals by Marriott’s Hotel Excellence!, credentials which further recognize our expertise in the tourism industry.


Your Lead Personal Curators

Connie Haeder

Connie Haeder: Founder, CMO, and Chief Travel Curator

Acknowledged by industry insiders as an authority on travel, Connie has unsurpassed first-hand knowledge of worldwide destinations.  She has circumnavigated the planet several times, having explored 103 countries spanning all seven continents and all four oceans.

Connie can relate to being on a tight schedule.  Regularly putting in 60-80 hour work weeks as a senior global marketing executive left little time for leisure travel.  With her schedule always in flux, Connie created and fit in unique and innovative jaunts.  Absent off-the-shelf packaged quick trips for last minute luxury escapes, Connie fashioned her own spectacular itineraries — the kind Adeona Odysseys now offers clients.  Connie’s limitless curiosity, passion for exotic cultures, and insatiable drive for adventure led her to leave corporate America to build on her 30+ years in travel.  Of all the prime excursions she has customized, only the select merit inclusion in Adeona Odysseys’ collection.

Connie holds an MBA from Purdue’s Krannert Graduate School of Management where she was awarded Dean’s List honors, a General Course Degree in European Community Law from The London School of Economics, and a BA in Political Science from Wellesley College where she graduated cum laude.  Connie also is a Brown University certified MBSR teacher, and a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor.

At every opportunity Connie continues to explore the far edges of the world and discover new travel gems for clients.



Valerie Haeder

Valerie Haeder: Director of Communications and Research, and Travel Curator

Imagine the steppes of central Asia where wild camels roam free, global cowboys drill the world’s energy from fields rich with oil…a frontier where if your baggage is lost, you’d most likely never see it again.  But not so for this intrepid curator; it was just another day at the office.  Such was the scene in Kyzlorda, Kazakhstan, the stopover in what has now become her favorite, if not dubious, travel memory. On a jalopy of a plane, dilapidated and held together with duct tape, Valerie traversed from Almaty to Aktau, Kazakhstan while her mismarked luggage was destined for who-knows where if not for her fast acting rescue.  In a land where English was ne’er heard, upon touchdown she kicked into baggage handler mode, stealthily entered employee-only airport territory, liberated her luggage and heaved it onto the correct flight to Azerbaijan.

Such adventures are par for the course in Valerie’s travels, which have taken her to all seven continents and a myriad of exotic and compelling locations within the United States and internationally.  A respected and prolific writer and editor, her works have appeared in Frommer’s Fiji and South Pacific, the Washington Post’s Sunday Travel section, Insider Perks travel newsletter, newspapers and multi-media.

A student of the world, Valerie’s curiosity and interests foster singular, specialized travels for clients that leave lasting impressions.  Valerie earned her B.A. in history from St. John’s College, Oxford University and Wellesley College, and holds an M.L.S. in library science from Indiana University Bloomington.