Adaro Adventures and Adeona Odysseys Weigh in on State Department’s new travel warnings ratings

The US State Department recently revised its country-specific travel advisory method by giving a four-point travel advisory rating to not only every nation in the world but also regions within countries to help travelers understand that certain areas within an otherwise risk country for travel can be safe.  An interactive map on color-codes each country by its ranking: red for 4 (“do not travel”), orange for 3, yellow for 2, and no color for 1 (“exercise normal precautions”).  We view the new system as an improvement on the old, and before planning any trip abroad check here for your intended destinations.

Travel to Cuba legally through Adaro Adventures

Adaro Adventures, Adeona Odysseys’ sister company, just returned from Cuba.  Art, culture, history, rum, daiquiris, mojitos, cigars, coffee, swimming — you can do it all in colorful Cuba.  Adaro Adventures will get you there LEGALLY!!

Help Create a World With Less Cancer

The staff at Adeona Odysseys are very pleased to be participants in the groundbreaking research project, Cancer Prevention Study-3, which aims to better understand how to prevent cancer.  There’s still time to enroll in the research study at various venues in select communities across the United States and Puerto Rico.  Please join CPS-3 to help “create a world with less cancer”.  Learn if you’re eligible and where to join at:

Alzheimer’s Partnership

In support of raising awareness and research funds for Alzheimer’s and dementia, through October, World Alzheimer’s Day, Adeona Odysseys will donate $5 to the Alzheimer’s Association for every new “Like” we receive on Facebook.  The Alzheimer’s Association is an inspiring voluntary health organization whose mission is to enhance care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s and to advance research.  Adeona Odysseys is honored to partner with them during the month of September.  Please join us in this vital cause by “Liking” our Facebook page.

Holiday Travel Tips

Planning for great holiday travel is about being smart and traveling well—working out all the details in advance.  Spaces fill up quickly for holiday vacations, especially on the most coveted travel dates in November and December— which is why Adeona Odysseys is reminding people to start planning now. Air travel and hotel expenses begin to climb for the holidays in October. Booking early improves your chances of finding reasonable prices, the best accommodations, and desirable departure and arrival times.

Carry-on Items

With airlines regularly changing their fees and restrictions relating to carry-on baggage, travelers face even more confusion when packing – one or two pieces plus a personal article, dimensions, weight allowance?!?  In order to plan ahead and pack correctly, visit for the top 25 airlines’ hand luggage rules.    By permission of APH

Mobile Devices

Smart phones certainly make travel more convenient and efficient but are frequently targeted by thieves.  Ahead of the busy end of summer travel season, Adeona Odysseys offers the following tips for travelers:

– Always remain aware of your surroundings while using your mobile device in public and ensure your valuables are adequately secured.  It can e easy for a thief to simply grab your luggage or laptop bag and run if you are not alert.  And even in some destinations they can lead to assault or express kidnapping.

– Keep mobile devices hidden when not in use – don’t become an attractive target for thieves.

– Ensure all mobile devices are password protected, making it difficult for thieves to gain access if stolen.

– Don’t place a phone on a table or bar so it an be close at hand – keep it in your pocket or purse.

– Download the “Find My Phone” app.  This can help authorities track down a stolen device.

– Display your phone number and “Please call if found” on your locked screen.  There are honest people out there who will return a lost device.

– Be careful of open WiFi.  Do not pass sensitive information through public hotspots as the information may not be secure.

– Never talk without a hands-free device or text while driving, especially in an unfamiliar country.

Immunizations and Vaccines

Stay healthy this summer while traveling, particularly to exotic locations.  Depending on your destination you may need to prevent altitude sickness, bacterial diseases, insect-borne illnesses, and food and water illnesses.  Before leaving home ensure you have your appropriate vaccines for specialty diseases such as Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A, meningitis, rabies, and yellow fever, and your routine immunizations against MMR, polio, tetanus/diphtheria, hepatitis B and streptococcal pneumonia.  Here’s a link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that guides travelers on the necessary pre-trip shots.  And wherever you travel be sure to bring all your prescription medications in your carry-on.  Need a travel clinic near you?  Just give Adeona Odysseys a call.

International Electrical Adaptors and Converters

Traveling outside the country on your summer break and don’t want your iron to melt when you plug it in? There are two standard electrical currents in the world: 100-125 volts, and 220-250 volts.  If your appliance is dual voltage – rated for current between 100-250 volts – it will not need an electrical voltage converter.  If your appliance is rated for 100-125 volts it will be damaged if plugged into a 220-250 volt outlet and will need a voltage converter to operate safely.  Socket shapes differ by country and adaptor plugs match foreign sockets so you can plug in anywhere.  Adaptor plugs do not alter voltage but can be used with voltage converters. Visit this Electricity by Country for a chart.  Still confusing?!  Just give us a call for help with a country’s current and sockets.

Travel With Pets

Can’t live without your pet while traveling?  We understand!  And so does the travel industry, which is more and more welcoming of our furry family members.  More than 14,000 animal friendly hotels are spotlighted in “Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook”, along with hotel pet policies, emergency vet clinics and pet travel advice.  Here’s a link to a discounted digital version of the book:  Pet Travel  And want to plan a trip that includes your four legged friend?  Call us and we’ll happily help with the right place to stay with your pet.

Solo Travel

Traveling solo isn’t just for singles. While more travelers are going on solo vacations, the mini breaks are far from what they once were! Of all solo travelers, 70% are in a serious relationship and are not interested in tours exclusive to singles but instead interested in diverse options — 63% of solo travelers want to meet like-minded people and 43% want to try a new hobby or learn a new skill. Want to travel solo and try something new but not be boxed in to a trip solely for singles? Adeona Odysseys offers experiential trips with classes and activities in unparalleled, authentic locations.

Traveling Together Strengthens Relationships

Couples prefer taking a short trip to receiving gifts – Nearly two-thirds of couples (63%) surveyed say a weekend getaway is more likely to spark romance than large or small gifts. Just one-third (36%) viewed receiving small gifts the same way, and only 15% rated getting big gifts like jewelry as important to improving romance.

Traveling alone together sparks romance – More than eight in ten (83%) of those who travel as a couple say the romance is still alive in their relationship, and fully seven in ten (72%) of the couples surveyed believe traveling inspires romance.

Couples who travel together report having a better sex life than those who don’t – Three-quarters (77%) of respondents who travel as a couple say that they have a good sex life, compared to 63% of couples who do not travel together.  More than one in every four couples (28%) say their sex life improved after traveling together – and of those, 40% say sex together is permanently better after travel.

Couples who travel together have more time for intimacy and sex – A majority (59%) of couples say that being more intimate is an important reason to vacation together. Among couples that did not take a trip together in the past year, nearly one in four (23%) say they “do not have enough time for intimacy and sex.”

World’s Most Tantalizing Air Landings

Where are the world’s most stunning and exhilarating air landings–where the runway seems way too short, water appears just inches beneath you, and you’re left breathless upon descent?! St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport tops the 2013 list, followed by Scotland’s Barra and LAX. Rounding out the top five: Paro in Bhutan and Las Vegas McCarran. One of our favorites is Pago Pago in American Samoa. Where’s your most scenic landing? Cast your vote at

Responsible Tourism

Adeona Odysseys and its sister company, Adaro Adventures, are committed to responsible tourism. During the WTO, we proudly and publicly pledged to uphold, sustain and implement the values advocated by the “World Ethics Code for Tourism” which cover economic, social, cultural and environmental issues of travel. These include understanding and respect between nations and societies, personal and collective sustainable development, and enrichment of cultural heritage. Adeona Odysseys also keeps the rights of people, the protection and advancement of women and children, and care of the environment front and center in all we do.

World’s Top Ten Street Foods

You have not lived until you’ve experienced the tastiest street food on the planet.  Having snacked our way around the world multiple times, the foodies at Adeona Odysseys rank the most delicious and satisfying street food and drink, bar none. We want to know your favorites on  Try these delicacies in person for yourself;  Adeona Odysseys can get you there.

Singapore:  Pipa — fresh, sweet young coconut water.  Undeniably it is the nectar of the gods. And when you’re done drinking the nectar, have the vendor cut the coconut and savor the meat

Casablanca:  Sfenj – decadent fried donuts dusted with powdered sugar.  Hot, crispy and melty, you’ll find yourself stopping not at one, two or even three unless you have tremendous will power

Caracas: Fresh mango with spices – savory, succulent and healthy to boot

Panama City:  Chicha — fruit juice which is a liquid Shangri La

Shanghai:  Baozi — steamed buns filled with sugared red bean paste – downing several of these little babies is a guilty pleasure worth every calorie.  But they are steamed . . .

Muscat and Bali:  Avocado milkshakes – creamy delicacy too heavenly for words

Ramallah:  Falafel – drizzled with tahini, they’re gorge-worthy crunchy fritters

Barcelona: Horchata –Spain’s cool, milky, nutty elixir

NY:  Pizza – enough said, right?!

Kuala Lumpur:  Soy milk – heart healthy smoothness served up in a clear plastic sandwich bag

Best Value European City Breaks






Most Expensive European City Breaks






Most Unique and Authentic American Streets

Not the typical tourist destinations of many international visitors, but these 10 streets in America were named the best for authenticity, character and personality by the American Planning Association.  Rather than famous thoroughfares or renowned boulevards, the list pays respects to “those streets where continual restoration and appreciation for nature have played a role in the road’s evolution”. Share your top main streets on  One of our favorite small town streets?  Sheridan, Wyoming’s Main Street.

Fifth Avenue, New York, NY                                          Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Wall Steet, Kingston, NY                                                Shaker Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio

Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY                                  Gay Street, Knoxville, TN

Duval Street, Key West, FL                                            Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO

Broad Street, Charleston, SC                                         Main Street,Bozeman, MT

North Korea

Adaro Adventures visited NORTH KOREA. You can experience the strictest, most isolationist and stark country in the world for yourself via Adaro Adventure’s “Pyongyang Posts” – highlights include the DMZ from the North, DPRK National Day on September 9, Mass Games, Mass Dance, Juche, Pyongyang metro, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, and more.

Mini Break 101

Want to improve your health and happiness and manage day-to-day stress and tiredness? Take a mini break. Research shows that getting away for as little as three days improves people’s lives in four key ways: 1) Enables us to break out of a routine 2) Offers an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones 3) Puts a fresh perspective on life  4) Enables us to relax and recharge our batteries.  These benefits explain why 84% of travelers state vacations are worth more to them in terms of physical and mental well-being than the money they spend on them.  Nothing like seeing for yourself if it works.

Most Sought Out Characteristics in a Travel Mate

1. Sense of Humor

2. Trustworthiness

3. Similar Values

4. Intelligence

5. Hygiene

Permission to Travel Internationally With a Minor

Recent concern about child abductions, where one divorced parent steals the child away from the other, has prompted border officials to be more vigilant when they encounter kids traveling with just one birth parent.   So if you’re traveling solo internationally with your child, or if the child is traveling with a grandparent or guardian, note the documentation an adult should be prepared to produce. At a minimum the traveling parent should carry a letter of authorization from the absent parent consenting to the trip. Most likely you won’t be asked for the permission letter at borders, but it’s always best to be prepared.  Contact us and we’ll provide a sample “Letter of Authorization to Travel Internationally With a Minor”.

Further Improved Business

Require yet more proof that you need a relaxing getaway to recover from the toll of business?  New research demonstrates that frequent business travel and long, congested business travel itineraries affects executive performance in 1) a reduction of mental capacity, 2) lower levels of concentration, 3) diminished communication skills, 4) increased risk of ill health, and 5) reduced levels of tolerance.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Improved Business

Think you’re too busy to luxuriate in less time or that your business will tank while you’re away?  Not if you go for just a quick getaway with Adeona Odysseys. even says a mini break is essential!  Their top three business reasons: 1) It increases morale. 2) It demonstrates you care about a true work-life balance. 3) It shows your colleagues you trust them.  Take one for the team!

Outdoor Travel Safety

Are you planning an outdoor getaway this summer?  How much do you, your friends and family know about outdoor travel safety?   Before venturing off trails and petting fury friends, here are the top ways to stay safe: 1) Always maintain a respectable distance from wildlife. 2) Don’t feed animals and leave any food unattended. 3) Walk and hike with a companion and keep children close by.  4) When walking or hiking, talk or make noise to warn animals of your presence.   5) Walk and hike with a companion.  6) Stay on established paths and trails and avoid unmarked shortcuts.  7) Avoid hiking in the early morning or after dark, when wild animals are most active. 8. Carry extra water, food such as protein bars, and warm clothing in case of emergency.

Adventure Harmony

Forget eHarmony!  Make more of your mini break than simply getting from A to B and start the fun by meeting people on the flight itself.  Travel through Adaro Adventures or Adeona Odysseys on KLM and we’ll help you choose who you sit next to on your flight!  It’s promising:  Nearly 40% of travelers develop friendships with someone they met on a flight, 5% spent time together on the vacation as a direct result of meeting on their flight, and even 6% admit to a later romantic liaison with an acquaintance they met on-board. Granted, the majority of these connections are short lived, but 7% do stay in touch after their vacation.  You know you’re inquisitive; call us to find out more about the service.

Travel Insurance

Whether you’re planning a relaxed mini break or participating in extreme adventure, Adeona Odysseys and Adaro Adventures wants to be sure vacationers making the investment to travel are prepared for their trips with valuable travel insurance.

Typically only 5% of your trip cost, plans include coverage for trip cancellation, interruption and delay; medical emergencies; damaged or lost luggage, travel documents and more. For those travelers seeking maximum flexibility in their travel plans, some policies offer a cancel-for-any-reason option which will reimburse prepaid nonrefundable expenses for trip cancellation due to reasons not otherwise covered under the plan. It is important travelers include the cost of all prepaid, nonrefundable expenses in their trip cost to be fully covered in case they need to cancel due to a covered reason.

Call us and we’ll advise on the wide range of insurance solutions for you as well as complementary insurance benefits.  Are you an active, thrill-seeking traveler?  Contact our sister company, Adaro Adventures, at for enhanced adventure coverage.

VIP Heathrow

Want to experience the same VIP treatment while boarding and disembarking at Heathrow as the Queen, heads of state and dignitaries? Travel to London through Adeona Odysseys on nearly any major airline and you’ll be among the select privileged who enjoy the airport’s ultimate private service – personal welcome and private collection/drop off at the plane, bypass of public terminals – no immigration lines! Call us to learn how you can receive this exclusive advantage.

Friendliest nations?

Now for the friendliest countries in the world –

New Zealand
South Africa
United States
United Kingdom
Of course we want to hear from you on and

Two of Adeona Odysseys’ favorite destinations are New Zealand and Australia.  At least once in your lifetime you’ve got to take in an All Blacks game and New Zealand’s wineries, as well as snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and summit Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.  Contact us for the best of the countries in under a week.

Rudest nations?

Which country holds the title as the rudest nation in the world?  A poll conducted by Skyscanner reveals that France took the #1 spot.  1. French 19.2%
2. Russian 16.6%
3. British 10.4%
4. German 9.9%
5. Chinese 4.3%
At the other end of the scale, Brazilians, those from the Caribbean islands and Filipinos were voted least rude.  Agree?  Disagree?  Visit and to voice your opinion.

Help the economy.  Part II

The one billion international tourists expected to travel this year – 1/7 of the world’s population – are a vital force for economic growth and social welfare, said the UNWTO.  This will contribute to more jobs, higher income possibilities, social sustainability and development opportunities, so critical at this time of economic uncertainty.  Help stimulate the global economy and be part of this extraordinary number by planning your much-needed mini break or your adventure trip of a lifetime. Also visit our sister company, Adaro Adventures.

Relaxed airport screening for the elderly

Airline passengers who are at least 75 years will be able to keep their shoes and light jackets on at security checkpoints at four airports -O’Hare; Portland, OR; Denver and Orlando.  The changes are similar to those adopted in September for children up to 12 at certain airports, and will reduce- but not eliminate – pat-downs for the elderly. The changes are part of TSA’s strategy for focusing more attention on potentially riskier passengers. Finally the TSA is starting to get it right.

Help the economy. Part I

Americans are proving to be resilient in a down economy.  Forty percent report the economic downturn of the past few years did not impact their domestic leisure travel; they “travel as usual”.  Eighty one percent recently visited at least one of 12 major U.S. landmarks.  Approximately 1/3 visited the National Mall in Washington DC, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon, while approximately ¼ visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Alamo.  Two more must-see US attractions are Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone.  Experience these extraordinary western national parks for yourself through Adeona Odysseys.

Overhead bins getting bigger

Don’t you hate it when your rollerboard doesn’t fit wheels first in the overhead bin and the flier who boarded right in front of you slid his bag sideways into the last bit of compartment space?  No need to jostle and elbow over this sore point: airlines are increasing the size of overhead bins to accommodate more carry-on luggage.  Packed planes and more travelers bringing carry-ons to avoid luggage fees have led many airlines to retrofit overhead bins to expand the space above passengers’ heads.  Boeing also is designing and building new jet interiors with enhanced luggage compartments.   Airlines expanding their luggage bins are:

United – in April 2012, United’s A320s, their main domestic jet, will have 65% more bin space

Delta – Delta’s retrofitted 767 interiors hold 23% more bags

US Air – one of the most luggage friendly interiors, US Air’s 757s bins allow fliers to slide bags wheels- first

American – underway in 2012, AA’s 737s will hold 48 more bags than the planes they are replacing

Upscale airport shopping and lounging

Check in two hours before a flight? Make it three — and hope for a layover!  It used to be Adeona Odysseys would schedule connecting flights as close together as possible.  But now you might just hope for a delay so you can luxuriate all the longer in yes, the airport!  Increased global competition among airlines has led carriers to upgrade their lounges, and airports their shops.  Free hair dressing services, yoga, champagne and cocktail bars, relaxation zones and spas. Juicy Couture, Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, Mango, Kiehl’s.     Some of our airport favorites –

CTG:  Juan Valdez

DCA:  Brooks Brothers

JFK:  Victoria’s Secret

LAS:  Juicy Couture, Guess, Hugo Boss

LAX: Kitson

LHR: Burberry and Harrods

MSP:  Harley Davidson

SYD:  Apple, Coach

Are we missing some good ones?  Tell us on and

World’s most iconic landmarks

A T+L reader survey of the world’s most popular landmarks ranks NY’s Statue of Liberty #1 followed by the Empire State Building.  Have an opinion on which icons should and should not have made the list?  Visit the Adeona Odysseys’ LinkedIn page and FaceBook page to voice your vote

1.  Statue of Liberty, NY

2.  Empire State Building, NY – currently holds the record as NY’s tallest building

3.  Golden Gate Bridge, SF

4.  Eiffel Tower, Paris

5.  Big Ben, London – name refers to the bell, of course, but the clock tower is pretty well known!

6.  Colosseum, Rome

 7.  Millennium Park, Chicago

8.  St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

9.  Swiss Re Building, London – the rocket shaped office tower

10.  High Line, NY – elevated rail bed winding through the meatpacking district to W. 30th


Do you know the number to call for emergency services while on your family vacation in Italy, conducting business in Germany, rendezvousing in France for a food & wine weekend, or visiting this summer’s sporting events in Europe including the London Olympics or Euro 2012 UEFA soccer?  Only 26% of travelers know 112 is the single emergency number for everywhere in the EU. It’s free of charge, reachable from mobile and fixed phones, available 24 hours, and links callers to the relevant emergency service (local police, medical, fire).

– 112 is now operational in all EU member states alongside existing national emergency numbers (like 999 or 110). Denmark, Finland, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Sweden made 112 their sole or main national emergency number.

– 112 also is used in countries outside the EU such as in Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey. Ukraine cities hosting Euro 2012 football matches will use 112 by the beginning of the sports event.

– English can be used in 25 countries (besides UK, Ireland and Malta): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, Iceland and Norway.
– 14 countries (besides Belgium, France and Luxembourg) can deal with calls in French: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.
– German can be used in 112 calls in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Romania (in addition to Austria, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg).
– Italian 112 is available in Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.
– Russian speakers can get help over 112 in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.
– In the UK, emergency call centers can rely on interpretation services covering 170 languages, and France can deal with 40 languages.


Want to zip through airport security and not have to remove your shoes, liquids and belt?!  A faster, more efficient and smarter travel process for flyers in the US is PreCheck.  Adeona Odysseys applauds the TSA’s expansion of the PreCheck program to a total of 35 airports across the US in 2012. The program is a pre-screening initiative that makes risk assessments on passengers who volunteer more personal information about themselves prior to their arrival at the airport checkpoint so that the government can vet them for security purposes.

Eligible participating travelers walk through a dedicated lane at airport security checkpoints and provide their specially marked boarding pass to the TSA officer. A machine will read the boarding pass barcode, and travelers deemed “low-risk,” will be expedited through screening.

The program is expected to operate in these airports by the end of 2012: Baltimore-Washington, Charlotte, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Denver, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Houston, Honolulu, New York’s LaGuardia, Lambert-St. Louis, New Orleans, Puerto Rico’s Luis Munoz Marin, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle-Tacoma, Tampa, and Anchorage.

Global Entry Program

A huge victory this week for regular travelers who want less hassle upon entering the US:  The Global Entry Program, which expedites the customs and immigration inspections process for pre-approved, low risk travelers, is now permanent and expanding. The new DHS rule will allow more travelers to provide their fingerprints at kiosks to expedite their arrival in the US.  International program participants include Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands and the UK, and bilateral agreements with Singapore, Germany and S. Korea are in the works.

Want to join the Global Entry Program to enjoy fewer entry burdens?  Visit the site to apply and schedule an interview.  It’s well worth it.

Full fare airline advertising policy

Adeona Odysseys is proud to always have had a full fare advertising policy so you know up front what your vacation will cost.  The US government now requires all airlines to disclose the full cost of an airline ticket.  Advertised air prices must include the total single price a traveler will pay to fly, including fuel, taxes and luggage charges.   We’re glad the airlines finally are following suit.