Adeona Odysseys is an exclusive travel company curating bespoke luxury jaunts for the time constrained.





Break Out

Adeona Odysseys customizes private luxury travel of less than five days.  Luxuriate in less time with deluxe escapes to our hand-selected destinations through themed experiential trips: food & wine, adventure, beach, history & culture, go wild!, and romance.

“Luxuriate in less time” is not just our tag line.  It is our brand promise to you.  We know how discerning you are.  We know how busy you are.  That is why every brief escape you take through Adeona Odysseys is one of sumptuous travel accompanied by extraordinary service.

While the overwhelming majority of sellers of travel have never actually set foot in the locale they are selling, Adeona Odysseys travel specialists personally visited and are intimately familiar with every single location curated – an exceptionally rare expertise possessed by very few travel companies in the world.  Our professionals are dedicated to serving each client personally from the time they leave home until they return.  They know the intricacies of all settings, have vetted every destination and travel partner, provide around-the-clock support, and deftly navigate travel logistics for unparalleled jaunts.

When you are tight on time and want a perfectly planned get-away, simply contact us for a one of a kind personalized travel experience.